Selecting validation constraints

Validation constraints are used to validate model with the applied profile. Magik profile define many constraints that validate our model for any element's definition errors. We can view all constraints defined in the profile and control them. When we don't want to use a specific constraint we can disable it.

Selecting validation constraints preferences

  1. To configure validation constraints goto Preferences located in Main menu >> Window >> Preferences.
  2. Select Model validation.
  3. Here we can configure displaying of validation errors. Errors can be viewed in the console view and a separate dialog.
  4. To view validation constraints goto Model validation >> Constraints.
  5. Select Magik Profile constraints. This constraints are enabled if the Magik profile was previously applied. Other constraints are unused in Magik modeling.

Warning: Changes in constraint are not recommended. All constraints are designed with Magik grammar rules and disabling any of them may cause bad code generation.