Modeling enumerated exemplars

1. Creating enumerated exemplar

To add enumerated exemplar goto palette and expand Class folder. Select enumerated type and drop it to the editor field.

We can also change an existing class element to enumerated:

  1. Select this Class and go to Properties View
  2. In Properties View select Profile tab
  3. In Profile tab we can add a enumerated stereotype. Click on + icon
  4. To apply <<enumerated_exemplar>> stereotype just drag it to the right and click ok.

2. Editing exemplar options

Any UML element (with Magik stereotype applied) contains tags, which allow to edit specific generation options. Enumerated exemplar contains Common tags and tag listed below.

Name Values Function
ordered true false Set ordered value to enumerated exemplars. If the value will be true, a generated exemplar will have an ordered elements. By default it is set to true;

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