Generate Magik code from Class diagram

MDT UML2 Modeler allows to generate Magik source code from a class model. Source code generation is based on Magik dedicated profile. To generate code class the model should be valid and contain elements with applied stereotypes.

Step 1

Before generating the code we need to make sure that our model is correct. To do this run Magik Model Validation from editor's context menu.

Magik Model Validation action

Step 2

To generate code we need to specify a new launch configuration. Use the drop-down Run menu in the toolbar and select Run Configurations...

Run Configuration action

Step 3

A launch configuration allows you to configure code generation preferences including source and destination path. Select MDT UML2 Modeler and add a new configuration..

Step 4

Go to code generation tab and change its name to cordinates generation

Step 5

Select Magik Generation module by clicking on Select Module button and selectiong Magik 4.2.x

Code generation module selection

Step 6

Set the source model to model.uml file in project.

Step 7

Set output folder for generation results. We recommend to use the source folder location.

Target folder selection

Step 5

Apply and Run configuration. This will generate point exemplar:

 #% text_encoding = iso8859_1

def_slotted_exemplar(:point, {   
    {:x, _unset} 
    ,{:y, _unset} 
    }, {})  
## x coordinate
point.define_slot_access(:x, :readable, :public)

## y coordinate
point.define_slot_access(:y, :readable, :public)

_method point.change_location(x_coordinate, y_coordinate)
    ## Changes coordinates to location specified by x_coordinate and y_coordinate


Note: For any problems see log file located in the output location.

For additional configuration options see Generation Options Tab

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