Test Tab

Test tab specifies the tests to be run and preferences for transmitting them to GIS session.

MUnit Test Launcher Test Tab

Tests to run

The MUnit Test launcher allows you to run a single test or collection of tests in a specific container (e.g project, folder, module etc.)

If the individual test option is chosen, you have to specify the test class name and its location along with the name of the Magik project where the class is located. The launcher can give you more granularity for single tests by allowing you to choose to run a single method from within a test class.

You can also run all tests from within a container (project, product, module or a folder). In addition to the possibility of running an arbitrary number of test cases with a single click, this option gives you the additional flexibility of not having to update the launch configuration every time you add a test class to your container.The list of tests is dynamically recomputed prior to every launch based on the current contents of the container.

Transmit tests to session when run

Every change of test case requires update it in a GIS session. You can control options for automatic transmission per launch configuration. By default this option is set to Prompt which means that with every run of tests you will be asked whether tests should be sent to the session.

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