MUnit Test Launcher

MDT MUnit 3 Support plug-in provides dedicated launching mechanism for MUnit test cases. As with all other launchers in Eclipse (e.g. the Java Application launcher), the MUnit test launcher can be invoked via a shortcut and its launch configurations can be centrally managed from the Launch Configuration Dialog.

Launching via Shortcut

A quick way to run a MUnit test is via the Run As > MUnit Test from the context menu of Magik project. This action is also available in the context menus of modules, products, folders Magik files and methods inside Magik project.

Note: The action is only available when selected element contains or is MUnit test case.

When running MUnit tests via the shortcut MDT MUnit 3 Support plug-in creates new MUnit launch configuration with default name.

Customizing a Launch Configuration

In order to have full control over launching a MUnit Test, you can create or customize existing launch configuration in the Launch Configuration Dialog.

The Launch Configuration Dialog can be invoked via Run > Run Configurations... from the top level menu. A new MUnit Test launch configuration can be created by double-clicking on the MUnit Test node in the tree viewer on the left. Launch configuration is also created when tests are run using the shortcut.

A MUnit Test launch configuration contains tabs allowing you to customize all aspects of the test launch. You can refer to the following documents for more details:

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