MUnit Base Module

MDT MUnit 3 Support plug-in uses precompiled sources of SWOT/MUnit testing framework as a runtime for tests cases. Currently the latest version 4.0 is used. To obtain MUnit base module source code goto SWOT/MUnit project download page.


MDT MUnit 3 Support plug-in is compatible with all currently available SWOT/MUnit modules (versions: 3.0 and 4.0).

Customising base module

User can change MUnit base module at MUnit preference page if necessary. In the page you should provide a valid path to MUnit module. Selected folder must contain module definition file (module.def) which defines munit_base module. The module base version should be at least 3.

Note: Use module with precompiled magikc files to decrease module loading time. In case of any problems with running your test cases revert to embedded MUnit base module.

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