Working with violations

Removing violations

You can remove violations using context menu actions:

  1. Clear Markers button Clear Markers - removes markers on selected resources
  2. Clear All Markers button Clear All Markers - removes all markers from workspace

Note: In order to restore violations:

Navigating violations in Magik editor

Navigating violations in Magik editor is similar to navigating other annotations.

  1. Edit Magik file which contains some violations.
  2. Ensure that MStyle violations navigation is activated.

    Annotations menu

  3. Use Next Annotation (Next Annotation button, Ctrl + .) and Previous Annotation (Previous Annotation, Ctrl + ,) to navigate violations in editor.

Changing graphical representation of violation in Magik editor

Violations have specific graphical representation in Magik editor. You can change it using annotations preferences.

  1. Open Annotation preference page General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations preference page.
  2. Change preferences for MStyle annotation types: MStyle Error, MStyle Info, MStyle Warning.
  3. Press OK.

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