Profile Preferences

Opens the Profile preference pageMStyle > Profile preference page allows you to configure the list of active rules used on MStyle checks. All available options are listed below:

General profile configuration
Option Description Default>
Default profile severity

Rule severity used when a particular rule severity is set to Inherited.

Enable violation suppression

Option for enabling violation filters in files using #MSTYLE_OFF and #MSTYLE_ON tags.


Profile page buttons
Option Description

Opens Add Rules dialog which allows to add new rules to the profile.


Removes selected rules from the list.


Opens Edit Rule Properties dialog which allows to edit rule properties. Button is disabled if a rule does not contain any properties.


Imports profile from external file. Old profile can be updated or replaced by the new set.


Exports selected rules to an external file.

Export All...

Exports all rules from the profile to an external file.

Enable All

Enables all rules in the profile.

Disable All

Disables all rules in the profile.

Profile preference page

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