Configuring automatic checks

In this section, you will configure Magik project to be automatically checked by MStyle plug-in on every resource change (Save action).

Note: Automatic checking for problems in large projects may be time and CPU consuming task. Activation of automatic checks may require full rebuild of the project, what may lock the whole workspace for some time (sometimes even several minutes).

Activating automatic check

  1. Go to Product Explorer view.
  2. Open context menu on Magik project created in Performing first check tutorial.
  3. Select MStyle > Activate automatic check.

    Activate automatic check

How it works

  1. Open as_dev_tools.magik file in Magik editor (/environment_manager/astec_dev_tools/modules/as_dev_tools_application/source/as_dev_tools.magik)
  2. Go to some method and add local variable declaration:

    Add local variable

  3. Save changes. MStyle performs check for this resource and marks the problem directly in the editor:

    Save changes

Note: If Project > Build Automatically option is disabled a dialog will appear asking if you wish to enable it. Enabling this option is needed for the automatic checks to work.

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