What's New in MDT Professional Edition 3.8

Here is the description of some of the most interesting or significant changes made to MDT Professional Edition 3.8 for the Eclipse 4.5.x, 4.4.x and 4.3.x releases. They are grouped in the following categories:

Magik Editor

Transmit state annotations

Magik Editor has been enhanced with transmit state annotations which informs if the specified Magik element is transmitted to session from the opened file, another file/location or is not transmitted.

You can show/hide transmit state annotations by clicking Session > Show Transmit State menu item or Show Transmit State toolbar toggle button.

Transmit states annotations

NOTE: To see transmit state details move cursor over the annotation.

Auto typing

Magik Editor has been improved with the auto typing feature. Now all kinds of brackets and quotation marks are automatically closed after typing the opening character.

Auto Inser Brackets

By default auto typing is on, it can be customized on the Opens the Typing preference pageMagik > Editor > Typing preference page.

Auto insert templates

Magik editor has been enhanced with the possibility of quick templates injection. Just type the template's name (in the following example block) and press the 'Enter' key to insert it.

Auto Insert

Auto insert templates are defined on the Opens the Templates preference pageMagik > Editor > Templates preference page and are marked with the 'Auto Insert' flag. You can also define your own templates. It will boost your productivity for sure so give it a try!

Auto Insert Templates

Syntax coloring of deprecated elements

Magik Editor's syntax coloring feature has been enhanced with highlighting deprecated Magik elements. Now all elements with deprecated classify level will be strikethrough by default.

Auto Insert

The highlighting of deprecated elements can be customized on the Opens the Syntax Coloring preference pageMagik > Editor > Syntax Coloring preference page.

GIS Console

Auto typing and auto insert templates

GIS Console has been extended with the auto typing and auto insert templates features described in Magik Editor section above.

Auto Insert

GIS Console auto typing settings can be set on the Opens the Typing preference pageMagik > GIS Console > Typing preference page.

Command Histories

Import and export of session's command histories

Command Histories view has been enhanced with the actions to import and export command histories from and to the file system.

Command History View

Using designed wizard one can quickly import or export desired session's command histories.

Command History Export Wizard

Improved command histories filtering

Command Histories view filter has been enhanced with support of pattern characters like * and ?.

Command History View

Save Command action keyboard shortcut

Save Command action visible in the Command Histories has been given the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.

Command History View Save Command Shortcut

Problems View

Quick Fix action available

Quick Fix action is now available in Problems View for Magik code problems. It allows quickly to fix a set of problems in group of Magik files like missing pragma, missing/unrecognized encodings, unreachable code and many other.

Quick Fix Action

Quick Fix Dialog


Magik Code Template preference page changed

Default Values tab has been added to Magik Code Template preference page. This tab is used to set default values of variables inserted into code templates which are used for example during Quick Fix.

This feature with new Quick Fix action available in Problems View allows to fix all missing pragmas with the specified classify level and usage.

Magik Code Template preference page

Remove Magik source duplicates from local resources preference

New preference has been added to the General preference page which controls whether the Magik source duplicates from local resources should be removed in navigation dialogs like Open Magik Type, Open Magik Member, Open Type in Hierarchy. This preference is set by default.

Magik General preference page

Example of results when the preference is set (left) and unset (right):

Example of removed local resource duplicates

Typing pages added

Typing pages has been added in Magik Editor section and Magik GIS Console section. Typing preference page allows you to configure options related to the automatic close and automatic insert functionalities.

Magik/Editor/Typing preference page

Typing preference page placed in GIS Console section guides to the proper page located in Magik Editor section.

Magik/GIS Console/Typing preference page

Command history size preference

Command history size field has been added to GIS Console preference page. It limits the number of stored GIS console commands.

Magik Code Template preference page


Highlighting of debug and deprecated Magik elements

Magik elements with debug or deprecated classify level are now highlighted with debug or deprecated overlay in all views.

Auto Insert

New fields in Report a Bug dialog

Help > Report a Bug dialog has been extended with optional 'Email' and 'Attach the log file' fields.

Show In Action

Show In Action

Show In submenu has been added to Product Explorer view context menu which provides actions to open Magik resource in other view.

Show In Action

Duplicate action

Copy/Paste action available in Sessions view for sessions and runtimes has been replaced with Duplicate action.

Auto Insert

Changed icons

The list of changed icons.


Old icon

New icon

Installed breakpoint