What's New in MDT Professional Edition 3.9

Here is the description of some of the most interesting or significant changes made to MDT Professional Edition 3.9 for the Eclipse 4.7.x, 4.6.x and 4.5.x releases. They are grouped in the following categories:

Module Hierarchy View

Brand new Module Hierarchy view

The new Module Hierarchy View allows you to display the hierarchy of a chosen module in a plethora of ways, including the hierarchy of modules required by the selected module, the hierarchy of modules dependent on the selected module, as well as these two in the form of a simple list.

Module Hierarchy

It is also possible to show the complete hierarchy consisting of required and dependent modules in the form of a graph.

Module Hierarchy

New Open Magik Module in Hierarchy dialog

New Open Magik Module in Hierarchy dialog

The new Open Magik Module in Hierarchy dialog makes it possible to browse all modules from all started sessions assigned to Magik projects. You can open the selected module in Module Hierarchy View or look up its module definition file in a field at the bottom of the dialog.

Open Module Hierarchy Dialog

The Open Magik Module in Hierarchy dialog can be opened using the Navigate > Open Magik Module in Hierarchy action or the Ctrl+Shift+O shortcut.

Open Magik Module in Hierarchy action

Class Browser view

Proposals History

The Class Browser view has been enhanced with proposals of recently searched classes and methods. The new content assist can be configured on the Opens the Class Browser Content Assist preference page Magik > Class Browser > Content Assist preference page.

Class Browser Proposals

New exclude public/private members commands

In Class Browser the following new exclude private/public members commands have been added:

Exclude public/private

Exclude public/private

Refresh button

The Refresh button has been added to Class Browser view. Click it to refresh Class Browser search results.

Refresh button

Topics command moved

The Topics command has been moved and is now available between Exclude Private Methods and Expand All actions.

Topics action

Product Explorer view

Open Module Hierarchy action

You can now open a Magik module in Magik Module Hierarchy view.

Open Madule Hierarchy action


Content Assist preference page added

The new Magik > Class Browser > Content Assist preference page, used to configure Class Browser content assist, has been added.

Content Assist preference page


Support for other themes

MDT has been adjusted to work with other themes, including Dark Theme.

In order to change your theme, click on Window in toolbar menu, and choose Preferences. Preferences dialog should open. On the left, expand General tree, select Appearance, and pick your desired theme from Theme: combo box.

Dark Theme

Configurable floating license expiration time

You are now allowed to choose the expiration time of borrowing floating license.

Auto Inser Brackets

Compatibility with Eclipse 4.7

MDT Professional Edition 3.9 is fully compatible with the latest Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen) version. Thanks to compatibility rules defined by Eclipse Community it is also compatible with Eclipse 4.6, 4.5.

Eclipse 4.7 release is a platform release containing significant new feature work and bug fixes.

Eclipse Oxygen Splash