Removing Line Breakpoints

Breakpoints can be easily removed when you no longer need them.

  1. In the editor area, open the file where you want to remove the breakpoint.
  2. Directly to the left of the line where you want to remove the breakpoint, open the marker bar pop-up menu and select Toggle Breakpoint. The breakpoint is removed from the workbench.  You can also double-click directly on the breakpoint icon to remove it.

Breakpoints can also be removed in Breakpoints View. Select the breakpoint(s) to be removed and from the context menu select Remove. All breakpoints can be removed from the workbench using Remove All action in the context menu of Breakpoints View.

If you find yourself frequently adding and removing a breakpoint in the same place, consider disabling the breakpoint when you do not need it (using Disable Breakpoint in the breakpoint context menu or Breakpoints View) and enabling it when needed again.

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