Deactivating Floating License

Deactivating floating license may be useful in case you plan to use MDT for a long time without connection to license server. After deactivation you must activate Single User License or Portable License to unblock MDT features. If you have any of these licenses already activated, License Manager will use them automatically and unblock MDT.

MDT Professional Edition enables to borrow floating license which also allows to use MDT without connection to license server. When borrowing license deactivation is not necessary but MDT is unblocked for a limited period of time and license is not available to other users. Borrowing license is described in Borrowing Floating License task.

Step 1

At the beginning you have to start MDT License Manager tool.

Starting MDT License Manager Tool

Step 2

Select License Server tab.

Selecting License Server Tab

Step 3

Uncheck Use License Server checkbox. After deactivation the license server settings are preserved.

Deactivating License Server

Step 4

Select License Details tab. Deactivated license is shown in licenses table and its status is not connected.

Floating License Status

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