Activating Regular Licenses

Single User License, Portable License and Annual Maintenance License activation processes are similar. They are described in the following topics.

Before starting the activation process make sure you have your License Key file included in email sent after obtaining MDT Professional Edition license.

Step 1

At the beginning you have to start MDT License Manager tool.

Starting MDT License Manager Tool

Step 2

Click Add New License.

Adding New License

Step 3

Select Regular License option.

Selecting Activation Method

Step 4

Fill in the form with other required data.

Filling in activation data

Step 5

Press Test Connection button to assure proper connection to license server.

License Server Connection dialog

Step 6

Press Next button. MDT contacts license server to verify and activate your license.

Activating License

Step 7

Your license has been successfully activated.

License Activation Completed

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