Hardware and software requirements


To install and run MDT Professional Edition your computer has to comply with some requirements.

Hardware requirements

MDT Professional Edition is intended to be run on Intel IA32, 100% compatible processors, under Windows 2000 or higher operating system.
We recommend the following minimum hardware characteristics:

Software requirements

Note: Following requirements concerns plug-in installation package.

MDT Professional Edition requires some additional software to be installed:

See the following subsections for details.


MDT Professional Edition requires Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java SE Development Kit (JDK) to be installed. If you do not intend to develop Java applications, the JRE is the right choice.
Current version of MDT Professional Edition requires at least Java SE 7 to be installed. Java SE can be downloaded from Java SE Downloads web page. Please follow Java Installation Instructions to install Java on your computer.


MDT Professional Edition requires 32-bit Eclipse. Please use the 3.8/4.2, 4.3 or the latest 4.4 release. Eclipse can be downloaded from Eclipse Downloads web page.
According to your needs you can install:

The aforementioned list does not contain all possible options.

Network requirements

To activate a license you will need connection to MDT License Server. Refer to Managing Licenses topic for more information.

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