Installing MDT product

MDT product is a complete, installation package which contains all required plugins and components. Installing MDT product is the easiest way to quickly start off with a complete installation of MDT. If you wish to extend existing Eclipse environment with MDT features please refer to Plug-in installation instruction.

Note: MDT has to be unlocked by activating any of the available licenses.

Step 1

Download MDT product installation file (mdt-product-x.x.x-professional-setup.exe) from download page.

Step 2

Open installation file and press Next to continue with the installation.

Installation screen

Step 3

Read and accept the licence agreement by pressing I Agree button.

Installation screen

Step 4

Change MDT installation folder if necessary. Press Next.

Installation screen

Step 5

Leave all options checked to create MDT shortcuts on your Desktop and in Start Menu. Press Next.

Installation screen

Step 6

Change Start Menu folder name if necessary. Press Install.

Installation screen

Step 7

Wait until installer copies all files.

Installation screen

Step 8

Press Finish to close the installation wizard.

Installation screen

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