Uninstalling MDT plug-in

Uninstallation procedure below describes how to uninstall MDT plug-in previously installed in existing Eclipse environment.

Note: Although it is possible to uninstall MDT from product package it is not recommended to do so. It may stop to work properly.

Step 1

Open Eclipse.

Starting Eclipse

Step 2

Select About Eclipse Platform from Help menu.

Starting About Eclipse Platform Dialog

Step 3

Select Installation Details to view installed plug-ins.

About Eclipse Platform Dialog

Step 4

Select Magik Development Tools from the list and press Uninstall....

Selecting MDT For Uninstallation

Step 5

Uninstall Details page shows features which will be uninstalled. Press Finish to uninstall MDT.

Finishing MDT Uninstallation

Step 6

Restart Eclipse.

Restarting Eclipse

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