Updating MDT from local file

If a new version of MDT Professional Edition is available, you can update your installation. Update procedure is the same for both, plug-in and product.

Updating from local file is very similar to installing MDT plug-in from local file. Please refer to Installing MDT plug-in from local file task for information what other Eclipse plugins MDT requires to work. Updating MDT may require updating dependent plugins. They will be installed automatically if you have access to the Internet. In other case they must be installed manually.

Note: Ensure your Annual Maintenance is valid before updating.

Step 1

Download MDT plug-in installation file (mdt-site-x.x.x-professional-win32.zip) from download page.

Step 2

Open Eclipse.

Starting Eclipse

Step 3

Start Install New Software tool.

Starting Install New Software Tool

Step 4

Select Add to enter new update site.

Adding New Site

Step 5

Press Archive and select the zip file you have downloaded in Step 1.

Adding MDT Archive Site

Step 6

Set update site name to i.e. MDT Archive Update Site. Press OK.

Adding MDT Archive Site

Step 7

Select Magik Development Tools to be updated and press Next.

Selecting MDT Professional Edition For Installation

Step 8

Install Details page shows features which will be installed. Press Next to install MDT.

Confirming MDT Installation

Step 9

Read and accept MDT license agreement. Press Finish to proceed with the installation.

Accepting License Agreement

Step 10

Verify and accept MDT certificate.

Verifying MDT Certificate

Step 11

Restart MDT.

Restarting Eclipse