Updating MDT from Internet

If a new version of MDT Professional Edition is available, you can update your installation. Update procedure is the same for both, plug-in and product.

Before starting the update process set up your Network Connections preferences to get access to the Internet. For an off-line update please refer to Updating MDT from local files task.

Note: Ensure your Annual Maintenance is valid before updating.

Step 1

Open Eclipse.

Note: Check if you have MDT's Update site added to the general list (Update site: http://www.mdt.net/pe/updates).

Starting Eclipse

Step 2

Select Check for Updates from Help menu.

Checking available updates

Step 3

In Available Updates dialog select new version of Magik Development Tools.

Available updates

Step 4

Select Magik Development Tools to be installed and press Finish.

Confirming update

Step 5

Verify and accept MDT certificate.

Accepting certificate

Step 6

Restart the application (MDT).

Restarting Eclipse

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