New Slotted Exemplar Wizard

The Opens the New Slotted Exemplar wizard New Slotted Exemplar wizard helps you to create a new Slotted Exemplar with package declarations, comments, pragrams and method stubs.

New Slotted Wizard Main Page

All configuration options used in this wizard page are described in table below:

Option Description Default
Container Enter a source folder for the new exemplar. Either type a valid source folder path or click Browse to select a source folder via a dialog. This location must be relative to workspace. The folder of the element that was selected when the wizard has been started.
Name Type an exemplar name. <blank>
Package Enter a package name for the new exemplar. The package name that was typed in previous execution of this wizard or blank field.
Parents Parents section enables to manage inheritance for new exemplar. Add and Remove buttons are used to manage list of new parents. Add button create empty parent. We can type parent name directly in field or browse for it using button on the right. No parents (New slotted exemplar inherits from sw:object).
Do you want to add comments and pragmas?
  • Generate pragmas:
    Select this option if you like to generate default pragmas for exemplar and its owned elements.
  • Generate comments:
    Select this option if you like to generate comments where appropriate.
By default this buttons has state from last finished wizard.
Which method stubs would you like to create? Choose the method stubs to create in this class:
  • Default constructor method new():
    Adds a new() method stub to the new exemplar.
  • Default slot initialisation method init():
    Adds a init() method stub for this exemplar.
By default this buttons has state from last finished wizard.
Change default new source file attributes:
  • Name: Change name of file.
  • Encoding: Select file encoding.
By default name is recomputed using exemplar name. Encoding has state from the last finished wizard.

New Slotted Exemplar

New Slotted Wizard Configure LoadList Page

LoadList configuration in common page used in most of source code creation wizards. Full description of this page can be found at load list configuration topic.

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