New Source File Wizard

Add a new source file

Opens the New Source File wizard New Source File wizard helps you to create a new Source File in Magik project.

Option Description Default value
Container Choose a container for a new source file. Either type in a valid source folder path or click Browse... to select a source container via a dialog. Source folder of the element that was selected when the wizard has been started or blank field.
File name Type a name for the new source file. <blank>
Package Enter a package name for the new exemplar. Name given in previously finished wizard or blank field.
Generate comments Type a name for the new source file. State from last finished wizard.
Encoding Select file encoding. Selection from previously finished wizard.

Adding new source file Dialog

New Source File Wizard Configure LoadList Page

LoadList configuration in common page used in most of source code creation wizards. Full description of this page can be found at load list configuration topic.

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