New Session Wizard

Opens the New Session wizard New Session wizard helps you create a new standard session. It is accessible from File > New > Session menu item.

Create a new GIS session page

Option Description Default value
Name Type in a name for the new session. <blank>
Session type Select a session type from the list of available session types. Smallworld™ GIS 4.0 or type selected in last wizard run.
Runtime Select a runtime for the new session. If no runtimes are specified for the given session type, create a new one pressing Runtimes... button. It will open Select Runtime dialog. First available runtime with the same target GIS version or Default.
Categories Gives the possibility to add a session to selected categories. <blank>

Creating a new GIS session Dialog

Specify the session's other settings page

Option Description Default value
Working directory Session launcher working directory.

The directory is later used to resolve relative paths to files and directories. It is recommended to set it to main product directory. If left empty, Runtime directory is used by default.
Image file Enter the path to the image file which will be used for the new session. <blank>

Specifying the session settings Dialog

Specify the environment variables page

This page is used to manage environment variables. The collection of the environment variables can be created in two ways: manually and by importing variables from existing Emacs configuration files. Read more about defining environment variables in Managing environment variables concept.

Action Function
Add Opens New Environment Variable dialog which allows to define new variable.
Edit Open Edit Environment Variable dialog which allows to modify selected variable.
Remove Removes selected environment variable.
Up Moves selected environment variable up.
Down Moves selected environment variable down.
Import Opens Import Environment dialog which allows to import variables from environment or GIS aliases file.

Specifying the environment variables Dialog

Assign session to Magik project page

On this page you can select projects to which session will be assigned.

Action Description Default value
Select All Selects all projects in the list. -
Deselect All Deselects all projects in the list. -
Show All Projects When not checked, only projects with equal as the session target GIS version are shown in the list. Check it to display all projects. <unchecked>

Assigning session to projects

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