New Session Link Wizard

Opens the New Session wizard New Session Link wizard helps you create a new linked session. It is accessible from File > New > Session Link menu item. You can also run this wizard from context menu in Sessions View in Sessions tab, selecting New > Session Link.

Create a new GIS session page

Option Description Default value
Session type Select session type from the list of available session types. Smallworld™ GIS 4.0 or type selected in last wizard run.
Runtime Select runtime for the new session. If no runtimes are specified for the given session type, create a new one pressing Runtimes... button. It will open Select Runtime dialog. First available runtime with the same target GIS version or Default.
Categories Gives the possibility to add a session to selected categories. <blank>

Creating a new GIS session

Select environment and GIS aliases files ... page

On this page you can select environment and GIS aliases files and then choose aliases to create Session Links from.

Option Description Default value
Product List of products defined in LAYERED_PRODUCTS file located in runtime directory. Select one product to create new session link using its configuration or select <None> to use custom environment and GIS aliases files. <None>
Working directory Application launcher working directory. If left empty, Runtime directory is used by default. <blank>
Environment file Path to the environment file. It is filled in automatically with path to environment.bat file if selected product contains this file in the standard localization. <blank>
GIS aliases file Path to the GIS aliases file. It is filled in automatically with path to gis_aliases file if selected product contains this file in the standard localization. <blank>
GIS aliases List of GIS aliases defined in selected GIS aliases file. Select one or more aliases to create new session links for them. <blank>
Show only aliases running Smallworld sessions If checked, aliases which run Smallworld GIS session are shown, otherwise all aliases are shown. checked

Setting Session Link environment Dialog

Override default session names page

This page enables to edit names for the session links which by default were set to the names of the selected aliases. Click alias name in Session Name column to edit name of the new session link.

Overriding default session names Dialog

Assign sessions to Magik projects page

This page allows to assign session links with projects from the workspace. Projects which can be associated with particular session are in a list.

Action Description Default value
Select All Selects all projects from the list. -
Deselect All Deselects all projects in the list. -
Show All Projects When not checked, only projects with equal as the session target GIS version are shown in the list. Check it to display all projects. <unchecked>

Overriding default session names Dialog

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