New Quick Session Wizard

Opens the New Quick Session wizard New Quick Session wizard gives user possibility to create different types of sessions by choosing proposals from a list after providing a path to product directory of a Smallworld installation. Session proposals are created with the use of information about image files and GIS aliases that can be found in all layered products available in given Smallworld installation.. It is accessible from File > New > Quick Session menu item. You can also run this wizard from context menu in Sessions View in Sessions tab, selecting New > Quick Session.

Create default GIS sessions page

Option Description Default value
Smallworld 'product' directory Path to 'product' directory of Smallworld installation. User can use CTRL + Space keys to see the list of possible proposals if there are any. Last provided path from wizard history or first valid 'product' directory path (if it can be found in first level directories) or <blank> if none of above can be achieved.

Creating default GIS session(s)

Select sessions you would like to create

On this page you can select sessions that you would like to create from the list of proposals for chosen session type.

Option Description Default value
Session type Combo-box for selecting a session type that is used to create session proposals. Session
Session proposals List of session proposals for chosen session type. swaf or gis selected as a default if available.
Select All Selects all session proposals from the list. -
Deselect All Deselects all session proposals in the list. -

Setting Session Link environment Dialog

Assign sessions to Magik projects page

This page allows to assign session links with projects from the workspace. Projects which can be associated with particular session are in a list.

Action Description Default value
Select All Selects all projects from the list. -
Deselect All Deselects all projects in the list. -
Show All Projects When not checked, only projects with equal as the session target GIS version are shown in the list. Check it to display all projects. <unchecked>

Overriding default session names Dialog

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