New Module Wizard

Opens the Magik Module wizard New Magik Module wizard lets you add a new module to the current project. It is accessible from File > New > Module. You can also run wizard from context menu for elements in Product Exlorer View in New > Module menu item.

Create new Magik module page

Option Description Default value
Container name Choose a container for new magik module. Either type in a valid source container path or click Browse to select a source container via a dialog. <blank> or the source container of the element that was selected when the wizard has been started.
Module name Type in the new name of the module. <blank>
Folder name Type in the name of the folder for the new module root directory. Same as module name
Base version Type in the base version for the module. <blank>
Current version Type in the current version for the module. <blank>
Module description Type in the new module description. <blank>
Module language Type in the language for the module. <blank>
Hidden Mark to set the module as hidden. <unchecked>

Creating new Magik Module

Folder Structure page

This page shows standard directories structure for the new module. You can edit one, using context menu of the elements which contains the following commands:

Option Description
Delete Deletes selected folder or load list.
New Folder Creates new subfolder for the selected one.
New Load List Creates new load_list.txt file in the selected folder.
Rename Enables to rename selected folder.
Add To Load List Adds selected folder to load list.
Move Up/Down Only in the context menu of load list elements - moves selected element Up/Down in the load list.
Clear Load List Only in the context menu of the load list - removes all content of the load list.

Specifying module structure for a module