New Magik Project Wizard

Opens the New Source File wizard New Magik Project wizard helps you create new Magik project in the Workbench.

New Magik Project Page

The page allows to set basic properties of new Magik project.

Option Description Default value
Project Name Type a name for new Magik project. <blank>
Use default location Determines whether default location for the project is going to be used. <checked>
Location The location in the file system where the project will be created. De-select "Use default location" to specify a location other than default. You can type the new location or browse to select a file system location for the new project. The workspace root directory
Target GIS version Select Smallworld™ GIS version for the project. Smalworld GIS 4.0

Creating new Magik Project

After you indicate a name and location for the project, you can either click Finish to create the project, or you can click Next to assign session to the project.

Assign Session Page

The page allows to assign session to new Magik project. If there are any sessions in the workspace which correspond to the selected project's GIS version, they will be shown in the list. You can select one of them to link it with the new project.

Option Description Default value
New Session Opens dialog with actions which can activate wizards for creating new Runtime, Session, Session Link, Command Line Session and Quick Session. -
Import Session Opens Import Session Wizard which will guide you through the process of importing session(s) from the external file. -
Show All Sessions Shows all sessions from the workspace in the sessions' list, even if their target GIS version is other than the one specified for the project. <unchecked>

Assigning session to the Magik project

After this step, you can either click Finish to finish the process, or you can select Next to set up referenced projects on the Select Referenced Projects page.

Project References Page

In Referenced Projects list, you can select projects from the workspace which will refer to the new one. Initially, no projects will be selected. Click Finish to create new Magik project in the Workbench.

Setting referenced Magik Projects

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