Detail Pane

Detail Pane displays detailed information about a selection in the following views:

Variables View with the detail pane highlighted.

Detail Pane

A number of commands are available in the default Detail Pane. They are accessed by right-clicking Detail Pane to open up a context menu.

Detail Pane Commands





Cut Cut Copies the selected material to the system clipboard and removes it from the detail pane. Context menu
Copy Copy Copies the selected material from the detail pane onto the system clipboard. Context menu
  Find/Replace Allows you to search for and replace a specified expression. Context menu
  Max Length Opens a dialog allowing you to change the maximum number of characters displayed in the detail pane. Context menu
Paste Paste Pastes material saved on the system clipboard into the detail pane. Context menu
  Select All Selects all text in the detail pane. Context menu
  Wrap Text Change if the text displayed in the detail pane should wrap at the predefined width or not. Context menu

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