Expressions View

Expressions View is used to inspect the data. Expressions View opens automatically when an item is added to the view. Entries in Expressions View can be selected to provide more detailed information that will be displayed in Detail Pane. When debugging a Magik program, data that contain variables can be expanded to show their fields and variables.

Expressions View

By default Expressions View is visible in Debug Perspective. To add this view to the current perspective, click Window > Show View > Other... > Debug > Expressions.

There are many commands available in Expressions View:

Command Name Description Availability
Add Watch Expression Add Watch Expression Allows you to add a watch expression. Context menu
Change Value Change Value... Allows you to change the value for the underlying selected variable. Context menu
Collapse All Collapse All Collapses all currently expanded variables. View action
Copy Expressions

Copy Expressions

Copies the selected expressions and variables to the system clipboard.

Context menu
  Disable Disables a currently enabled expression. Context menu
  Edit Watch Expression Allows you to edit the currently selected expression. Context menu
  Enable Enables a currently disabled expression. Context menu
  Find... Opens the search dialog to find elements in the variables view. Context menu
  Reevaluate Expression Reevaluates the currently selected expression. Context menu
remove Selected Expression(s) Remove Removes the currently selected expression(s) from the view. Context menu and view action
Remove All Remove All Removes all of the expressions from the view. Context menu and view action
  Select All Selects all of the variables in the view. Context menu
  Show Details As Changes the type of details pane for the view. Context menu
Show Logical Structures

Show Logical Structures

Changes whether logical structures should be shown in the view.

View action

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