Debug View

Debug View allows you to manage the debugging or running of a program in the workbench. It displays the stack frame for the suspended threads for each target you are debugging. Each thread in your program appears as a node in the tree. It displays the process for each target you are running.

If the thread is suspended, its stack frames are shown as child elements.

Debug View

By default Debug View is visible in Debug Perspective. To add a view to the current perspective, click Window > Show View > Other... > Debug > Debug.





Copy Stack command in context menu

Copy Stack

Copies the selected stack of suspended threads as well as the state of the running threads to the clipboard.

Context menu
Edit Source Lookup Edit Source Lookup Opens the source lookup dialog, allowing you to make changes. Context menu
  Find... Opens the debug view element searching dialog. Context menu
  Lookup Source Forces source lookup to take place Context menu


This command displays the properties of the selected launch. It also allows you to view the full command line for a selected process.

Context menu
Relaunch command in context menu


This command relaunches the selected debug target.

Context menu
Remove All Terminated Launches button

Remove All Terminated Launches

Clears all terminated debug targets from the view display.

Context menu and view action
Resume button


Resumes a suspended thread.

Context menu, Run menu and view action
Step Over button

Step Over

Steps over the highlighted statement. Execution will continue at the next line either in the same method or (if you are at the end of a method) it will continue in the method from which the current method was called.

The cursor jumps to the declaration of the method and selects this line.

Context menu, Run menu and view action
Resume button

Step Into

Steps into the highlighted statement.

Context menu, Run menu and view action
Terminate button


Terminates the selected debug target.

Context menu, Run menu and view action

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