Commands for Browsing Results

In the browsing results area each displayed Magik element is also a link to its implementation or hierarchy of its type. If the link is grey, it means that the source of an element is not accessible and cannot be opened in the editor. The coloring can be changed on General preference page. Focusing and opening type hierarchy is possible for all elements.

Browse result links

Class Browser provides the following commands for browsing results:

Command Name Description
  Open Opens source code of the selected element in Magik editor.
Can be invoked by clicking a link with left mouse button.
  Open Type Hierarchy Opens hierarchy of the selected element in Type Hierarchy view.
Can be invoked by pressing Ctrl button and clicking a link with left mouse button.
  Focus on Narrows the searching results to the selected member or type name.
  Copy Qualified Name Copies the name of the selected element to clipboard.

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