Breakpoints View

Breakpoints View lists all the breakpoints you currently have set in your workspace. You can double-click a breakpoint to display its location in the editor (if applicable). You can also enable or disable breakpoints, delete them, add new ones, group them by working set, or set hit counts.

Breakpoints View

By default Breakpoints View is visible in Debug Perspective. To add the view to the current perspective, click Command Link Window > Show View > Other... > Debug > Breakpoints.

Commands available in Breakpoint View:

Command Name Description Availability
Collapse All Collapse All Collapses all of the items in the view. View action
Copy Copy Copies the selected breakpoints to the system clipboard. Context menu
Disabled Disable Changes the selected breakpoint(s) to be disabled. Context menu
Enable Enable Changes the selected breakpoint(s) to be enabled. Context menu
Expand All Expand All Expands all of the items in the view. View action
Export Breakpoints Export Breakpoints... Opens the export breakpoints wizard. Context menu
Go to File Go to File Shows selected breakpoint in the Magik editor. Context menu and view action
  Group By... Allows you to select an alternate grouping for your breakpoints or create your own. View action
Import Breakpoints Import Breakpoints... Opens the import breakpoints wizard. Context menu
Link with View Link with View Changes if the breakpoints should be linked to the Debug View. View action
Paste Paste Pastes copied breakpoints into the view. Context menu
Remove All Breakpoints Remove All Removes all breakpoints from the view. Context menu and view action
Remove Selected Breakpoints Remove Selected Breakpoints Removes only the selected breakpoint(s) from the view. Context menu and view action
  Select All Selects all of the breakpoints in the view. Context menu
Select Defautl Working Sets Select Default Working Set Allows you to choose which working set will be the default one. View action
Show Supported Breakpoints Show Supported Breakpoints Changes if only supported breakpoints should be shown or not. View action
Skip All Breakpoints Skip All Sets all breakpoints to be skipped. View action
  Working Sets... Opens the working sets dialog. View action

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