Magik File Search Tab

In Search Dialog, Magik File Search tab allows you to search for files or text within files. Magik File Search allows to search through files in project dependencies as well as files in the Workspace. To show the tab invoke Search > Search... > Magik File Search.

Magik File Search Tab

Containing text

Type the expression for which you wish to do the text search. Leave this field empty to search for files. From the drop-down menu, you can choose to repeat or modify a recent search.

Case sensitive

Turn this option on if you want the text search to be case sensitive.


The available wildcards for search expressions are displayed in the search dialog:

Regular expression

Turn this option on if you want to search using advanced regular expressions patterns. Use Content assist (Ctrl+Space) to see available patterns and their descriptions.

Using regular 
	expressions patterns in text search

File name patterns

In this field, enter all file name patterns for the files to find or search through for the specified expression. You can also use Choose... button to select file types from the list.


The available wildcards for file name patterns are displayed in the search dialog:

Consider derived resources

Turn this option on if you want to consider derived resources in search result.

Consider project dependencies

Specify whether files in project dependencies should be also searched for the specified expression.


Choose the scope of your search. You can either search the whole workspace, pre-defined working sets, previously selected resources or projects enclosing the selected resources.

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