Magik Load List Property Page

Magik Load List properties page allows to configure a load list for the selected directory. You can reach this page from the context menu of a selected folder.

You can select files and directories which will be placed in the load list. Their order can also be adjusted.

Command Description
Up Moves selected element up.
Down Moves selected element down.
Top Places selected element on the top of the load list.
Bottom Places selected element on the bottom of the load list.
Select All Selects all elements from the list.
Deselect All Deselects all elements from the list.
Choose File Types Opens Select Types dialog.

Magik Load List

Select Types Dialog

Select Types dialog allows to define file types which will be provided as load list elements and shown on Magik Load List properties page.

Select file types from the list. You can also specify additional ones in Other extensions field, by listing comma-separated file types.

Select Types Dialog

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