Magik Editor Preferences

The following preferences can be set on Opens the Magik Editor preference pageMagik > Editor preference page and its sub-pages.

Note that some options that are generally applicable to text editors can be configured on the general Text Editors preference page.

Option Description Default
Open write protected files with draft editor

If enabled, the write protected files are opened in draft editor.


Open dependency files with draft editor

If enabled, the dependency files are opened in draft editor.


Highlight matching brackets

If enabled, whenever the cursor is next to a parenthesis, bracket or curly braces, its opening or closing counter part is highlighted.

The color of the bracket highlight is specified by Matching brackets highlight option.


Enable automatic keywords underscore

If enabled, Magik keywords are automatically underscored while typing the code.


Comment sequence String used to comment out the code in the editor.


Warn about encoding problem when saving resource If enabled, additional dialog is shown when saved file encounters some encoding problems.


Magik Editor preference page

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