Magik Debug Preferences

Opens the Magik Debug preference page Magik > Debug preference page lets you configure various settings related to debugging Magik source code.

The following preferences can be set on Magik > Debug preference page.

Option Description Default
Show error when hot code replace fails

If enabled, an error is shown when MDT is unable to update the code in the debugger. This situation might appear e.g. while modifying a method that is currently on the stack trace. The method will continue to run old code until it is entered again. Also the breakpoints in the method will not work until reentering.


Transmit untransmitted methods

Select whether methods not yet transmitted should be transmitted automatically when a breakpoint is inserted.


Communication timeout

Time (in seconds) during which MDT waits for Magik session to respond to a query. Increasing this time might help in case of slow computers where the session might be busy and cannot complete queries within the default time. This setting affects breakpoint installation/removal routines.


Magik Debug preference page

Sub pages offer more debugger settings:

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