Class Browser Preferences

Opens the Class Browser preference pageMagik> Class Browser preference page allows you to configure behaviour and view properties of Class Browser.

Option Description Default
Reuse editors to show matches

Select this option if links from the search results in Class Browser should be opened in the same editor.


Code template

Template that will be applied to browsed code. For instance, while sending class_name to Class Browser default template will result in ^class_name$ text in Class Browser.


Current line highlight Color which will be used to highlight current line in Class Browser.


Expand match details If checked, all details of all matches will be expanded while displaying browse results.


Hide header message If checked, hides header message while displaying browse results.


Appearance style and color options component contains list of Browser Display elements that may be rendered with its own color and style. For every element the following options can be set:

Option Description
Enable Makes the selected element active for style and color options. If it is unchecked then related element inherits all the options from its parent.
Foreground Specifies the foreground color in which to display the selected element.
Background Specifies the background color in which to display the selected element.
Bold Makes the selected element bold.
Italic Makes the selected element italic.
Strikethrough Makes the selected element strikethrough.
Underline Makes the selected element underlined.

Class browser preference page

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