General Preferences

Opens the General preference pageMagik > General preference page allows to set general MDT preferences.




Show file members in explorer views

When switched on, file members such as exemplars, methods etc. are shown in explorer views.


Show outher source file members in explorer views

When switched on, outter source file members are shown in explorer views. The outter source files are files not included in any load list.


Container (e.g. product, module) name

Select whether to show Magik container primary name as an underlying directory name or the name taken from its definition file (e.g. product.def, module.def).

Use directory name

Show [name from definition file/directory name] as additional decorator

Select whether to show name from definition file/directory name as secondary name with the use of additional decorator.


Skip if [name from definition file/directory name] is the same

Select whether to show additional decorator if primary name (name from definition file or directory name) is the same.


When opening a Type Hierarchy

Select whether Open Type Hierarchy action will open type hierarchy in Magik Type Hierarchy perspective or in the active perspective as view only.

Open the Type Hierarchy View in the current perspective

Notify when type is defined in many packages

Select whether a notification should appear when a type to be opened in Type Hierarchy View is defined in more than one package.


Open external source files without asking for associating them

Select whether external source files should be opened without asking for associating them. In this section you can also select a color of the links directing to unavailable external source files.


Links to unavailable external source files

Specifies color of the unavailable external source files. This color is used in many views to indicate members (exemplars, methods etc.) which source file is unavailable.


Remove project dependencies when changing a session assigned to a project

Select whether project dependencies elements should be removed after changing a session assigned to a project.


Smart caret positioning and selection in Magik names

Select whether default caret positioning in editors, views and dialogs should be replaced with a smart caret positioning.


Remove Magik source duplicates from local resources

Select whether Magik source duplicates found in local resources should be removed in navigation dialogs like Open Magik Type, Open Magik Member.


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