Encoding Preferences

Opens the Encoding preference pageMagik > Encoding Preferences page allows to relate encoding symbols used by Smallworld™ GIS environment to encoding symbols used by Eclipse platform. These connections are used by mechanism of automatic recognition of file encoding.

Available encodings table presents defined relations between Smallworld™ GIS and Eclipse platform encodings. Symbol column contains encoding symbol used by Smallworld™ GIS environment while Platform column contains appropriate coding symbol supported by Eclipse platform. The set of encodings used by Eclipse platform is adequate to the encodings supported by JRE (Java Runtime Environment) used to run MDT.

Action Description
Add Opens Encoding dialog to create new encoding.
Edit Opens Encoding dialog to edit currently selected encoding.
Remove Removes currently selected encodings.

Encoding preference page

Encoding Dialog

While adding or editing encoding relation the Encoding dialog is displayed.

Add/Edit Encoding Dialog

Option Description
Symbol Specifies Smallworld™ GIS encoding symbol.
Platform symbol Specifies Eclipse platform equivalent encoding symbol.
Description Description for the encoding connection (not mandatory).

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