GIS Session Preferences

On Opens the GIS Session preference pageMagik > GIS Session preference page you can configure GIS session preferences.

Option Description Default
When double clicking session Select Start session if you prefer to start a session when double clicking it or select Edit session if you prefer to open session editor. Edit session
Warn about unresolved environment variables Select to display warning about unresolved environment variables when starting the session. On
Ignore common warnings Select to ignore common session configuration warnings when starting the session. Off
Confirm session termination If this option is turned on then the workbench will ask for a session termination confirmation. On
Confirm exit when sessions are running If this option is turned on then the workbench will ask for an exit confirmation if any session is still running. On
Enable 'Default' runtime Select to enable Default runtime. The runtime should be used when MDT is run instead of Emacs within existing environment. Off
Show 'Quick Session' dialog Select to enable popping up 'Quick Session' dialog if there are no sessions available in workspace. Off

GIS Session preference page

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