Magik Editor Formatter Preferences

Set your preferences for formatter behavior on Opens the Formatter preference pageMagik > Editor > Formatter preference page.

Below all preferences used for source code formating in Magik Editors.




Enable Emacs-like auto indentation If enabled, the code is automatically formated according to Emacs rules.

To achieve fully visually compatible emacs-like auto indentation, change default tab width displayed in text editor. This can be done on Text Editors preference page.
Format file contents on save If enabled, Magik file contents will be formatted right before saving changes in editor. Off
Switch off standard TAB behaviour If enabled, pressing TAB in Magik editor will indent current line according to Emacs rules. If disabled, pressing TAB will enter tab at cursor's position. On
Delete whitespaces proceeding line delimiter after pressing ENTER If enabled, pressing ENTER in the editor deletes all proceeding whitespaces and break lines. If disabled, the whitespaces will be left intact. On
Magik indentation level Used to determine how much to indent each nested level. 8
Emacs tab width Set tab width that was originally used in Emacs. 8
Warn if displayed tab width is changing If enabled, additional dialog is displayed when a user changes tab width in text editor preferences. Yes
Default formatter Used to determine indentation rules when formating external resources. The latest supported Smallworld GIS version

Magik Editor Formatter preference page

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