Magik Code Assist Preferences

Indicate your preferences for Content Assist settings on Opens the Code Assist preference pageMagik > Editor > Code Assist preference page.




Insert single proposals automatically

If enabled, code assist will choose and insert automatically single proposals.


Do not show similar session and local source proposals

If enabled, local source proposals which have corresponding session proposal are not shown in code assist. For example, if there is session proposal and local source proposal, and both proposals represent the same method, only session proposal will be shown in code assist.


Enable auto activation

If enabled, code assist can be invoked automatically.


Auto activation delay

If the time starting when an auto activation trigger character is encountered until a new character is typed exceeds the auto activation delay, code assist is invoked.

Auto activation triggers

If one of the trigger characters is typed inside Magik source code (but not inside comment) and no other character is typed before the auto activation delay times out, the code assist is invoked.


Magik Code Assist preference page

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