Session Link Resources

Session Link Resources page comprises two sections which allow to manage relations between the session and Magik project resources.

Method Finder Paths

The section allows to specify relations between Method Finder paths and local sources locations. Read more about mapping paths in Mapping source files concept.

Method Finder Paths

Action Description
Add Opens New Sources Location dialog to create new mapping.
Edit Opens New Sources Location dialog to edit currently selected mapping.
Remove Removes all selected mappings.

Assigned Projects

The section contains a list of Magik projects. You can select projects which will be assigned to the session. The list presents projects names and target GIS versions. Projects already assigned to other session have also filled in Session column. Filter field above the projects list facilitates finding desired projects.

Assigned Projects

Action Description
Select All Selects all shown projects.
Deselect All Deselects all shown and selected projects .
Show All Projects When not checked, only projects with equal as the session target GIS version are shown in the list. Check it to display all projects.

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