Session Overview

Session Overview page, comprises two sections which allow to change session settings.


This section enables to set common settings of the session.

Session Overview General Section

Option Description
Name Session name.
Runtime Enables to select runtime from the list of the available runtimes.
Edit Enables to edit selected runtime if necessary.
Runtimes... Opens Select Runtime dialog.
Use global environment variables Specifies whether global environment variables should be used when running the session. It links to Environment preference page.

Startup Options

This section allows to specify session startup options. These options are used to build command line used to launch the session.

General options

General startup options

Option Description
Image file Path to the image file.
Working directory Session launcher working directory.

The directory is later used to resolve relative paths to the files and directories. It is recommended to set it to main product directory. If left empty, Runtime directory is used by default.
Application Enter name of the application which will be automatically started.
Login Enables/Disables automatic login to the database.
User Database user name.
Password Database user password.
Update redirector file Overrides value for the startup option :update_redirector
Interactive user Overrides value for the startup option :interactive.
Don't run startup() Enables/disables running image startup procedure.
Force command line Overrides the result of the startup procedure (if run) and forces a Magik prompt to be available.

Application parameter allows to select registered application which will be run after session startup and database login. The value should be a string containing an application key. The key can be found e.g. in the Smallworld Application Manager.

Image extension area

These options indicate the location of the image extension area.

Image extension area

Option Description
default Default image extension area location specified by session configuration.
in memory Select it to locate image extension area in memory.
on local disk Select it to locate image extension area on local disk. When selected, a folder location must be provided.

Memory management

The section contains memory management options.

Memory management

Option Description
New space New space size.
Paging space Paging space size.
Virtual contexts Number of virtual contexts.
Old space Old space size.
Max image extension file Maximum size of the image extension area.
Promotion threshold Promotion threshold as a percentage. Type value between 25% and 90%. If the value is outside the range, it will be replaced with the nearest value within the range. Promotion threshold defaults to 50%.

Additional command line parameters

Enter additional command line parameters specific to the session.

Additional command line parameteres

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