Transmit State

Magik Editor can show transmit state annotations which informs if the specified Magik element is transmitted to session from the opened file, another location or is not transmitted.

Show Transmit State Toggle

Transmit state annotations can be turn on/off by clicking Session > Show Transmit State menu item or Show Transmit State toolbar toggle button.

NOTE: Transmit state annotations are shown only when the session assigned to Magik project which contains the opened Magik file is started.

Show Transmit State toolbar button

Transmit States

Available transmit states:
Transmitted from this file Magik element is transmitted to session from the opened/this file.
Transmitted from another file/location Magik element is transmitted to session from another file/location.
NOTE: To see transmit state details move cursor over the annotation.
Not transmitted Magik element is not transmitted to session.


Transmit State annotations are updated when:

NOTE: The current release of MDT PE doesn't update transmit state annotations during running Magik commands from GIS console.

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