Quick Outline View

Quick outline view is in-place view, shown at the top of Magik editor area, which can be easily controlled using the keyboard. It contains an outline of a source file.

Quick Outline View

Activating and using Quick Outline

Quick Outline view appears after performing Navigate > Quick Outline command (Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut) while editing Magik source file. The text field on the top of the view can be used to filter the content. Arrow keys can be used to navigate in the view. To reveal selected element in the editor use Enter key or double click.

Quick Outline Menu

Click the triangle in the upper right corner to see menu view.

Option Description
Move Lets you move the view.
Resize Allows to change view size.
Remember Location Remembers location of the view.
Remember Size Remembers size of the view.
Sort Sorts elements in alphabetical order. If not checked, the elements appear in the same order as in the source file.

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