Code Folding

Code folding allows to fold and unfold whole regions of code for better clarity of the overall code structure and to make the code more readable.

Magik editor content may be initially folded when the editor is opened. You can specify, which source code elements should be automatically folded in Magik editor on Folding preference page.

Magik editor also provides commands, that enable collapsing/expanding code elements on demand. The commands are available in the context menu of editor's ruler.

Folding Context Menu



Collapse All

Collapses all Magik code snippets.

Expand All

Expands all Magik code snippets.

Collapse Comments

Collapses all multiline comments within the source file.

Collapse Members

Collapses all: conditions, exemplars, methods, shared constants, shared variables and slot access definitions within the source file.

Collapse Procedures And Blocks

Collapses all procedures and blocks within the source file.

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