Command Line Session Overview

Command Line Session Overview page, comprises two sections which allow to change session settings.


This section enables to set common settings of the session.

Command Line Session Overview General Section

Option Description
Name Session name.
Runtime Select runtime from the list of the available runtimes.
Edit Edit selected runtime if necessary.
Runtimes... Opens Select Runtime dialog.
Use global environment variables Specifies whether global environment variables should be used when running the session. It links to Environment preference page.

Startup Options

This section allows to specify session startup options. These options are used to build command line used to launch the session.

General options

Option Description
Executable file Specifies path to executable file that starts the session. In most cases it is a batch file, gis.exe or alternatively sw_magik_win32.exe
Working directory Executable file working directory. If left empty, Runtime directory is used by default.
Command line parameters Executable file command line parameters.

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