Magik development overview

During the last years ASTEC realized many Geographic Information System (GIS) projects. We have created a number of tools supporting the development in Smallworld™ GIS environment. Furthermore, we have performed service, data migration, testing and bug fixing projects. We have experienced a lot of inconveniences in the use of existing Magik programming environments. Thus, we have designed a new integrated development environment for the Magik language based on Eclipse framework. The scope of our work gathers the advantages of modern programming environments, e.g. a flexible model and parser for Magik, Magik code editor with syntax colorizing and context hints, Magik debugger, team work (source synchronization), and resource sharing using source management systems such as CVS, ClearCase or Subversion.

Our goal is to deliver our developers and Smallworld™ community a professional, efficient and user-friendly environment to create GIS applications using Smallworld™ platform, therefore we have created MDT - Magik Development Tools.

See Basic Tutorial topic to make first steps in MDT.