Creating Standard Session

In this section, you will create a new session configuration.

Creating new session using New Session Wizard

  1. To add new session simply open Session view, select Sessions tab and choose New > Session from context menu as shown in the picture below.

    Adding new session

    This will open New Session wizard which will guide you through the rest of the session configuration process.

  2. Type session name swaf and set its type to Smallworld GIS 4.2.x. After selecting the type of the session, Runtime list will be populated with available runtimes. Select runtime named SC 420 configured in previous tutorial.

    Create new session page

  3. Type a path to the image file and press Next.

    other session's settings

  4. Click Add... to add a new environment variable.

    Specify environment variables

  5. Specify variable name and value. Press OK and then Next for proceeding to next page.

    Specifying new variable

  6. Press Finish and the session will be created.

    Assigning session with existing projects

  7. Session will be shown in the Sessions view.

    Sessions view after creating a session

    Select Start from the session's context menu to start the session.

    Running session

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