Creating a slotted exemplar

In this section you will create a new slotted exemplar with initial methods.

  1. Open context menu in Product Explorer and select Slotted Exemplar in New context menu.
  2. Change container location to environment_manager\astec_dev_tools\modules\as_environment_manager\source.
  3. In Name field, type filtered_environment_dialog.
  4. In Package field, type user.
  5. We can add parents to new exemplar. Press Add button and type as_environment_dialog or browse for it using button in the parent table.

    Magik Class wizard

  6. Check Generate pragmas and Generate comments.
  7. Check new() and init() method stubs.
  8. You can also change file name or character encoding which will match the general encoding in your project.
  9. If you need to reorganise or add exemplar file to loadlist, click Next. This action activates the Configure Load List page.
  10. After all changes click on Finish. New file has been created and it should be visible in Product Explorer and newly opened Source Editor.

Note: We can customise code generation for New Slotted Exemplar wizard using Code Templates preference page.

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