Navigate to Magik element's declaration

In this section you will learn how to easily navigate between declarations of types and class members.

You can select the name of a class, method, procedure, condition, shared variable, shared constant, property, any variable (loop iterators, free variables, locals, dynamics etc.), and any other Magik element in editor and quickly open its declaration. In order to reach the declaration:

  1. Open as_environment_dialog.magik file.
  2. Scroll content of the editor to manager method of as_environment_dialog exemplar.
  3. Press and hold Ctrl key.
  4. Move the mouse over the name of the class: as_environment_manager. You will see, that the name becomes a hyperlink.

    Element declaration hyperlink

  5. Click the hyperlink.
  6. The declaration of this element will be opened and selected in the editor:

    Found declaration of the element

Note: In case more than one declaration has been found, an Open Declaration dialog will appear.

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